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RD (Repair Damage) Ingredients

What are Botanical Ingredients?
Botanical Ingredients are a component of a cosmetic or personal product that originates from plants (herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, leaves or seeds).

  • SILK PROTEIN COMPLEX -     provides greater humidity resistance, styling substance & smooth control over coarse, unruly or multi texture hair.
  • OLIVE OIL -     super antioxidant acts as a defense protecting the hair against free radicals that cause damage to the hair from sun, pollutants & water. Olive oil replaces moisture back into the hair that is lost from chemical services or the environment.
  • NATURAL VITAMINS B, E & ROSEMARY -     provides a scalp soothing complex as well as a color sealant conditioner for the hair. Prevents chlorine damage from swimming. Thermal protection.
  • AMINO ACIDS COMPLEX -     Amino Acid Complex of Keratin proteins & Cationic Ions works more internally to penetrate the cuticle of the hair providing reparative properties that are more effective to control even the most dry, brittle, damaged hair.
  • SQUALANE -     A natural botanical derive from Olive Oil. Squalane oil is so fine, it permeates and is absorbed deeply into the skin - without leaving an oily film† and with amazing quickness. This smooth, deep penetrating oil assists in the acceleration of new cell growth. Squalene is a major component of human skin surface lipids (or oils). Squalene helps to keep our skin soft and healthy and its anti-oxidant capabilities help to protect from the harsh effects of the environment.
  • TITAMIUM DIOXIDE -     A natural mineral. Titanium dioxide is used for deflecting and absorbing UV light and its resistance to discoloration under ultraviolet light. This advantage enhances its stability and ability to protect the skin & hair from ultraviolet light. It is used in Sunscreens and Cosmetic products and less likely to cause skin irritation than chemical UV absorber ingredients.
  • TUBEROSE -     Tuberose is one of the dearest flowers to the mankind, is an ancient flower grown worldwide but especially in India, Taiwan & Egypt due to the temperature and climate. Known for its immense beauty and fragrance, this magnificent flower has been the most useful flowers for human beings. Tuberose and its extracts are used for countless purposes whether be beauty enhancements or health products. Tuberose, essential oils or any other forms are popular globally.

    Tuberose extracts for health: It was one of the major herbs for ancient therapies and remedial process. Tuberose oils and extracts are enriched of health nutrients and that is why it is used extensively against several illnesses. Aphrodisiac, body odor, skin irritations and many more ailments can be completely cured with the use of tuberose oils. The oil has magical affect on the mind and body that relaxes the whole body and sooths the blood flow! In addition, tuberose oils are used in several aromatherapies to tone the body shape back.
  • RD PRESERVATIVES -     Eco Friendly & Biodegradable
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