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Pure Olove Ingredients

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ELC Pure Olove® products are a professional salon brand that is created with certifiable organic botanicals to strengthen, repair, protect all hair types & prolong hair color and hair's aging process.

ELC Pure Olove® brand contains Shampoo, Conditioners, Scalp & Hair treatments, Styling & Finishing products for every day use for a greener environment.

Olove® Products Are Formulated With Natural Anti-Oxidants Of:

  • Vitamin E,C,A & B
  • Olive Oil
  • Geen Tea
  • Kiwi
  • Aromatherapy Energizing Frangrance
     of Green Tea

ELC Hair Care: Pure Olove® products


ELC Pure Olove® Features & Benefits:

80/20     80% of Olove® is derived of NATURAL BOTANICAL INGREDIENTS. 20% derived of FRAGRANCE & PRESERVATIES.

Eco/Biodegradable     A green product designed with Natural and Eco-Friendly ingredients for our customers and our environment.

New Technology     Anti-Oxidants of Green Tea, Olive Oil, considered the SUPER anti-oxidants that fight free radicals which destroys protein and causes cell damage.

Anti Aging Properties     Green Tea, Olive Oil and Amino Complex.

Anti Oxidants     Protects scalp and hair from damaging free radicals which destroy protein and causes cell damage.

Natural UV Protection     Kiwi fruit is a natural ingredient to protect against color fadage and sun damage.

Economical     Half liters for the price of a 10oz to 12oz retail size. Very Concentrated.

New Frangrance     Green Tea - A universal frangrance appealing to both men and women.

Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinnate     Used in ELC Olive Shampoo. (See WHAT SULFATES ARE SAFE? to learn more)

Olove® Anti-Aging Complex

  • Protects against Free Radicals.
  • Protects hair color from environmental damage caused by
        sun, water and pollutants.
  • Adds Strength to the internal structure of the hair.
  • Provides manageability.
  • Creates volume & moisture.
  • Amazing brilliant shine.
  • Weightless.

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