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As you can see not all Surfactants are harsh chemicals. Eshuchen pioneers new ingredients using new technologies to design and produce a better and safer product for the world of beauty.

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What Sulfates Are Safe?

Listed are numerous natural surfactants (chemical names) that can be used that are gentle to the condition of the hair, skin and to protect and preserve hair color:

  • DISODIUM LAURETHS SULFOSUCCINATE:     This mild surfactant is used in the formulation of a wide variety of topical products, including bath products, blushers, body and hand preparations, foundations, shaving creams and skin-care products.
  • SODIUM LAURYL SARCOSINATE:     An extremely gentle and biodegradable foaming agent (or surfactant) derived from sodium (salt) and lactic acid of coconuts and sugar cane. This all natural, no animal by-product ingredient is a healthy natural surfactant (cleaning) blend.
  • DECYL GLUCOSIDE:     Derived from natural fatty alcohol and corn starch, this non-irritating surfactant (cleansing agent) creates the luxurious thick lather and cleanser for shower gel. An all naturally derived humectants or moisturizer that is so gentle that it is often used for sensitive skin and baby products.
    A natural protein (sugar based) preservative used to maintain essential oil aromas.
  • SODIUM COCO SULFATE:     Naturally derived from pure coconut oil and a healthy alternative to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, this ingredient which is part of the surfactant base (or natural cleansing agent), provides thickening and foaming characteristics to shampoo while leaving the hair feeling full and silky.
  • SODIUM LARYLGLUCOSIDES HYDROXYPROPYLSULFONATE:     A naturally mild corn and sugar derivative used as a surfactant (cleansing) foaming agent. It enhances the thickness of the shampoo and because of its gentle formula, does not cause eye or skin irritation.
  • COCOAMPHODIACETATE:     A natural coconut oil based foaming agent as part of the surfactant blend, used to add thickness and fluidity. It is extremely gentle on the hair and causes no eye irritation.
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