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RD Style & Finishing Spray
with DaoPlex

What is it?
RD Style & Finishing Spray exclusive ingredients are formulated to heal & protect against oxidative stress & corrosion of natural keratin from the environments, ensuring long-term health of your hair and its color.

  • Dual properties that are used to create & finish a style providing a medium to firm hold.
  • Formulated to eliminate product build-up, Anti-static, non-flaking, no residue, resist humidity & finishes your style with a beautiful shine.
  • UVA, UVB & Thermal Protection against Sun & Thermal Damage.
  • Bardadensis Leaf Extract (aloe) Aloe consists of anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial in fighting against Androgenetic Alopecia and prevents hair loss. Aloe protects the scalp and hair from being damage from any disease. So, aloe is very useful for the growth of hairs, preventing hair loss and gives shine and softness to hair.
  • Balm Leaf Extract Anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant.

Usage: Mist 10 to 12 inches from styled hair. For medium hold apply once. For a firm hold re-apply.

Recommended: For all hair types.

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