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RD Texture Cream

What is it?
Control and define your curls with RD Texture Cream with DaoPlex. Natural botanically drenched with healing properties of green tea & rosemary. Fortified with keratin proteins for strength & natural anti-oxidants obtained from multi- vitamins protecting against hair’s ageing process.

  • Weightless & Color safe.
  • Fortifies & strengthens dull, lifeless curls.
  • Controls volume & frizz as it moisturizes.
  • UV & thermal protection.
  • Anti frizz in all types of weather.

Usage: Apply to damp hair to control frizz while giving a smooth finish. For more control over your curls add 1 to 2 drops of RD Shine Serum to RD Texture Cream for a smooth, glossy shine. Can be applied on damp or dry hair.

Recommended: For all hair textures.

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