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RD Protein Cream:
Leave-In Protein Cream

This Unique Protein Cream Is A Multi-Functional Product Design -

  • Strengthens The Internal Structural
    Of The Hair
  • Replaces Loss Moisture to the Hair
  • Reduces Hair Breakage
  • Treatment for Dry Scalp
  • Great For Hair Extensions
  • Prevents Chorine Damage
  • Styling & Finishing Tool
  • Thermal & UV Protection
  • Prevents Color Fadage
  • Innovative Packaging/state of the art dispenser controls over usage of the product. Open jar & peel off plastic tab from the small end. Once opened, slowly turn the top of the jar to the left until you reach your desired amount.
  • Recommended For: Fine to Medium Hair. GREAT! on Multi Texture hair & Hair Extensions.

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