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Pure Olove® Scalp Balancing Lotion
PH 5.00

What it is:
Pure Olive Scalp Balancing Lotion is a unique spray leave in treatment for a dry or irritated scalp, do not rinse, style as usual. Use after every shampoo until scalp problem no longer persists. Can also be used with the Pure Olove® Hair Treatment for a more intense scalp treatment. Apply Pure Olove® Scalp Balancing Lotion after rinsing Pure Olove® Hair Treatment from the hair with warm water, apply while scalp is still warm. The plastic wrap or cap retains heat from the scalp or from the salon heat source (dryer, lamp, etc) making the scalp especially receptive to the Scalp Balancing Lotion after the Pure Olove® Hair Treatment.

What it does:
Pure Olove® Scalp Balancing Lotion is enriched with healing Olive Oil, Rosemary, Lappa Root, Ivy and Chamomile, this complex of healing botanicals targets scalp irritation and increases blood flow to the scalp, activating the scalp's self healing and self regenerating properties.


40ml 1.35oz

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