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Pure Olove® Instant Treatment
PH 5.50

What it is:
This unique product provides lightweight conditioning, flexible body and a slight amount of hold in one versatile cream. Use alone for superior brush glide for flow drying or cocktailed with other styling aids such as Pure Olove® Styling Straightening Dew for a straight look that won't flatten out, or Pure Olove® Sculpting Lotion for great definition on curly or multi textured hair. Evenly distribute a small amount of additional styling aid or Pure Olove® Moisturizing Serum shine drops if desired. Style as usual.

What it does:
Pure Olove® Instant Treatment is enriched with natural vitamin E and B, Olive Oil, Geen Tea and Kiwi. This potent complex seals color, creates brilliant shine and acts as an anti aging complex, while giving the hair a slight amount of volume and superior brushglide.


150ml 5.0oz

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